Why you shouldn’t shop for underwear

The men in my life don't have a clue about the meaning of nice underwear, designers or why holes in pants are bad.

The first culprit is my boyfriend.

On the day I first met him, adorned with neon orange jacket and a lime green t shirt, I never exactly expected him to be hiding a pair of Gucci loafers or know what a season meant, beyond when it stops being sunny and leaves fall off trees. Naturally, the limited interest in fashion also extended to his underwear collection.

Fast forward three years and little has changed in the fashion consciousness department. The other day whilst in a department store I asked him what he thought about getting some new trunks. He looked at me with a sort of bemused horror and said

Why would I buy myself branded underwear?

Continuing on, he picked up a pair of white, neon banded designer trunks and said

I could just go to Primark, buy a white pair, then colour the waistband in this same stupid orange.

My dad also has issues with the concept of fashion, beyond that he used to look like the fifth member of Kiss in his heavy-metal band days.

On our way to a family holiday, my dad performed his usual last minute dash to the supermarket to buy clothes which weren't biking leathers. Hurried out of the shop by my mum we set off to the airport.

Fast forward to the next day...

Oh shit, I’ve bought THONGS! Thongs for men!

Yep, my dad has brought with him two weeks worth of male thongs. Never again complain that your dad is embarrassing.

I’d like to think these two scenarios, especially the mentally scarring latter anecdote, would be enough to convince you, that guys, its ok you’re not hardwired for shopping. Let Briefd do it for you.