What we’ll be drinking this weekend.

Almost there guys, it’s nearly the weekend. After a long week at work there’s nothing we like more than to relax and unwind with a couple of drinks. Now, being the refined folk that we are this sometimes translates to one thing, cocktails. This weekend we are feeling particularly nostalgic and are going to be channelling some Man Men dapperness. So this weekend Briefd will be drinking:

The Mai Tai

A signature mid-century beverage the Mai Tai is the quintessential Tiki cocktail and should be enjoyed in a tall glass over some crushed ice. There’s an abundance of recipes but for ours you’ll just need rum, Curaçao, almond syrup, freshly squeezed lime juice and some pineapple to garnish. Then relax and sip away.

[Image by: tigerhype.com]

The Whiskey Sour

A fresh, glass of citrus goodness that really packs a punch, but by adding in some syrup it takes the edge right off and becomes a very palatable drink. Don’t be fooled by the candy-like appearance though, too many of these will take you right past the point of being slightly tipsy. For a Whiskey Sour use whiskey (obviously), squeezed lime and lemon juice, sugar syrup with ice and cherries to serve.

[Image by: tgifridaysathome.blogspot.co.uk]

The Old Fashioned

And as always the best is saved until last. There isn’t a gentleman alive that doesn’t want to ooze the same charm and charisma that Don Draper exudes. What a guy. The Old Fashioned is his signature drink and we want to give it a swirl. The ingredients you’ll need are Bourbon or Rye, one orange slice (you’ll need to muddle this, imagine grinding it with a small wooden club), sugar, Angostura bitters, a splash of soda and some maraschino cherries to serve in a short glass over ice.

[Image by: Oregonlive.com]

It is nice to enjoy a few casual drinks at the end of the working week boys, but to avoid any unnecessary drama while you’re out and about, don’t forget to drink responsibly ;)