To brief or not to brief?

Life’s not easy, it’s constantly throwing us challenges and decisions that we need to make. Are beards actually cool? How DO I want my steak cooked? Does this cardigan make me look like a grandad? But in life one of the things you should know , just like how you take your coffee, is what cut of underwear you find the most comfortable. Here at Briefd we offer 3 cuts; briefs, trunks and boxers, which suit you best? You decide.


Tighty-whiteys, Y-fronts or simply briefs, whatever you call them now, they were first called the “Jockey”, because the level of support was the similar to a sports jockstrap. First sold in Chicago, Illinois, before heading to the shores of the UK in 1938, the brief is one of the most popular cuts of undergarment, offering a tighter fit, comfort and easy access for when nature calls.


Sometimes referred to as the slightly sexier cousin of the brief, trunks reach further down the leg and are more fitted in shape. Fast becoming one of the more popular cuts around, these are the kind of undergarment, that allow you to experiment with a coloured waistband, and then let your jeans hang slightly lower. We don’t mean in the way the youth of today wear them, we’re talking about just an inch or so, the ladies love it.


Feel breezy and fancy-free with a pair of boxers. Looser in structure and providing a more relaxed fit, boxers are great for those lazier days. As well as providing a nice gentle draft now and again, boxers are actually meant to be better for your health, they help regulate temperature and allow for proper blood flow, which helps go towards the overall condition of your downstairs area.

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