The Perfect Steak

It's Valentine's Day soon, and being the fine, upstanding gentleman we are, we've offered to cook dinner. We've searched high and low but the best option seems to be a good old fashioned steak. It is easy to get hold of, it's tasty and by preparing it to your partner's specific cooking degree, it shows you've been paying attention.

As it's a special occasion, go to the butchers for your cut of meat. It will be fresh, cut to your specific portion size and you can hang your hat on the quality. After giving it a good coating of salt and pepper, leave the steak to reach room temperature, once it's there - you're good to go.

Heat the pan and oil so it's sizzling and then lay the steak in so it falls away from you, you don't want to get oil on your smart shirt.

As for cooking degrees, a cut of steak that is two inches thick will be medium rare if you cook it for five minutes on each side. If you press into the meat you can judge how cooked it is, the softer the steak, the rarer it is.

Once you've got the right cooking degree, let the meat rest while you whip up a sauce of chopped shallots, spinach, soy sauce, peppercorns, cream and butter and voila - serve with hand cut chips and a kiss on the cheek.

You're welcome.