Halloween Shmalloween

Dressing up for Halloween can sometimes be a bit of a worry. You don’t want to go as something obvious, and the days of just splashing on fake blood to look like a zombie version of someone else, are long gone. We take a look at 5 costumes you can wear this weekend and still maintain some levels of decorum.

Clark Kent

We admit that Superman is a slightly overdone, but not mid-transformation! This not only gives you the excuse to suit up to go out but it’s also pretty easy to do, and no need to wear Y fronts over tights.


If there’s anything that drives the girls wild it’s the thought of finding eternal love with one of the undead. Thanks to franchises such as Twilight, True Blood and The Vampire Diaries there’s a lot of choice on how to achieve this look. If you’re going for the Twilight vibe you’ll just need regular clothes, some pale make up with a bit of shadow contouring round the cheeks, spike up your hair and if you’re feeling particularly fancy add a bit of glitter. Don’t forget to look as sullen as possible, apparently the ladies love that.

[Image by: Pinterest.com]

Risky Business

Tom Cruise may be a little nutty but he’s still one of our heroes, and the scene in Risky Business here he slides along the floor in nothing but some pants and a shirt is so iconic. A nice easy costume to pull off and it will stop you getting too hot on the dance floor. If you’re not up for this because you’re ashamed of your underwear then you need our help. You can get it here.

[Image by: glamourmagazine.co.uk]

Khal Drogo

The epitome of manliness, Khal Drogo had a body of steel, ruled with a fist of iron, but had the warmest of hearts in the end. Dig out your old WWE belts and disguise them with added badges and bits of fur, don some eyeliner and use face paint down your chest and you too can bag a woman like Daenerys.

[Image by: halloweenrecipes.hubpages.com]

Pop Art

If you’re a dab hand with a brush and feeling particularly creative then perhaps this pop art look is for you. Remember this doesn’t need to look super polished, it can be a bit rougher and look more sketched. Wearing a suit in a contrasting colour to your hair or make up will provide an overall outfit and really look like you’ve stepped out of the pages of an old comic.

[Image by: pinterest.com]