Brogues before hoes

There comes a time in every gentleman’s life where he must accept that to be let into a reputable establishment, he must be wearing the correct footwear. As teens we quite often would take our socks off and put them on over our trainers in order to be let into clubs, but doormen are a lot savvier nowadays and are pretty wise to that sort of thing. Not that we would be going out in trainers these days anyway. With much more refined taste we leave the WKDs and Vans behind us, opting instead for some of the footwear below.


Characterised by their iconic look the brogue is one of the most popular styles of men’s shoe. Made from multiple pieces of leather they are recognisable due to their punched leather detailing. Wear in black for a smarter business look or tan for a smart but relaxed country shoe. As a flexible shoe they can be worn with a suit or a smart casual jean.

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When considering a smarter shoe it is impossible to overlook the loafer. Recognisable for their lace-less style, these shoes were originally inspired by the ancient moccasin but through time and changes in fashion they have developed into the look they have today. Loafers allow a bit more expression of personality as you can find some pretty sharp ones with tassel detailing, two tone versions and buckles. Plus they are bloody comfortable.

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Of course, for going out you’ve always got the options of deck shoes and boots as well, but we feel that the brogue and loafer are the go-to shoes for a gentleman’s night out. Now take us to the bar and hand us an Old Fashioned.