Brand Profile: Frank Dandy

For this week's brand profile, we look at the no nonsense, tell it how it is, Frank Dandy. Their products are well made, wonderfully designed and feature a whole lot of personality.

Frank Dandy take pride in avoiding seeing themselves in too seriously. They shun the high brow world of haute couture and understand that they are in the business of underwear, not rocket science. With relaxed, friendly patterns on their products, they aim to inject a bit of life into your underwear drawer.

Although they don't see themselves as a high fashion brand, they regularly collaborate on products and currently have a collection out with artist and graphic designer Supermundane.

With a variety of cuts including boxers, trunks, briefs and even long johns, we are proud to feature Frank Dandy in both our standard and premium subscriptions. If you fancy a dash of Frank Dandy in your life, sign up to Briefd here.