A Brief Introduction

Who are we?

Briefd are underwear superheroes, here to save men from appalling underwear drawers. We reckon if we do the hard work, sourcing you undergarments from the best in the business, whilst you chill at home, we’re onto something good.

On our Briefd journey we came across some startling facts about the current state of men’s underwear. On average, UK males own just 13 pairs of underwear. The average pair are worn around 30 times each year and are kept on average for 4 years. Underwear refresh rates in the UK are astonishingly low. Across the nation, men in their twenties and thirties have shamefully poor underwear collections. Armies of girlfriends and boyfriends are secretly throwing out "lucky boxers". Britain's underwear drawers are full of cartoon strip, lipstick print, superhero logoed monstrosities, often complete with holes. We want this to stop.

Men have allowed their most intimate and personal items of clothing to become their least cared-for and their least curated part of their wardrobe. Briefd is a gentlemen's underwear subscription service. The idea is simple: affordably and effortlessly freshen up your underwear drawer with hand-picked boxers, briefs or trunks from your favourite designers. The process is easy - sign up, select your size & style, tell us your address and we'll send you underwear. You can choose briefs, trunks or boxers, colourful or classic and in sizes from small up to extra large.

It couldn't be easier to upgrade your underwear drawer!